Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Great Pretender- Love Songs That Weren’t

     We all know of those slow songs that can get us to sway in the arms of our latest crush.  But how often have you truly listened to the lyrics?  You might be surprised by how many are really about falling out of love and the hope for bodily damage to the perpetrator.  The great pretender anti-love song still move us to either stick pins in our ex’s voodoo doll or dream about tomorrow when our hearts don’t hurt so much.  Here are ten of the best anti-love songs pretending to be love songs.  Which one is your favorite?  Did I miss some, add them in the comment section.


Kerli - Love Is Dead

I know that you think of me when you're beside her, inside her


Ingrid Michaelson - Sort Of-

Won't tell anybody that you turn the world around, I won't tell anyone that your voice is my favorite sound


Shiny Toy Guns - Don't Cry Out 

I was pretending, Your secret kiss of confidence, Was my escape, The perfect game to play


Bright Eyes - It's cool we can still be friends

Yeah, well maybe I hurt you sometimes, but let's contrast and compare, Lift up your shirt, the wound isn't there” 


Damien Rice - Rootless Tree-

It's nothing to you, And if you hate me, hate me, hate me, Then hate me so good that you can let me out

Alkaline trio –Radio- 
while you're taking your time with apologies, I'm making my plans for revenge

Magnetic Fields-How Fucking Romantic-
“Love you obviously, like you really care

The Corrs- Never loved you Anyway- 
You bored me with your stories I can't believe that I endured you for as long as I did.

Dynamite WallsAint That Special- 
“I could play you favorite song, something you’ll never forget, but the pleasure has come and gone”

Noah and the Whale - Blue Skies - 
“This is the last song I write while still in love with you”

Thursday, April 14, 2011

TV on The Radio: Nine Types Of Light Disjointed Fun

Energy Scale
 (5 your dancing your heart out,1 your're ready for bed)

     Starting with a happy upbeat song that you can wake up to but ending in disjointed confusion, TV on The Radio’s Nine Types of Light as a whole feels like it’s not a complete piece.  Listening to individual songs you can feel the emotion and the goals of each tune but a solid theme seems to be missing.  Which is fine, it just means you should break the album up before installing it to a playlist. 
    The upbeat start is quickly followed by dark sultry sounding gothic love song about the world ending.  The band mixes traditional Japanese sound bites throughout the song making for a pleasant and unique sound.  The dark side is washed away by the third song which is another perky love song.  From here on out the songs don’t seem to follow any sort of theme.  The artists send us on a kiddie-esque roller coaster from what feels like a break up to the possibility of a new romance.  The coaster whips us around to an angry pacifist in “New Cannonball Blues” before dumping us into political and social unrest in “Repetition”.  The ride picks up with a happy summer song before ending in a disjointed celebration of caffeine and consciousness.
     Kudos to TV on The Radio for the inclusion of the Nine Types of Light movie. The artist combined with their favorite directors and New Yorkers to create another outlet to enjoy Nine Types of Light.  The videos are lumped with similar theme which was not done with the album.  Videos range from artistic computer animation to full on themed videos.  In-between the section the band gives us a sneak peak into the minds of New Yorkers as they ponder questions about fame, love and dreams. “Forgotten” is my favorite video- you have to love a good kill the undead while your lover becomes a zombie video.
     Overall the songs are great as independent pieces that I will piece meal with other songs to create a complete feel for my listening pleasure.  I recommend you do the same.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mosh Pit Etiquette

We've all seen the action of the mosh pit.  People hunched over dragging their knuckled while they throw their shoulders and body at the oncoming traffic.  From the distance it appears as if a ring of fire has been created and the druids are bouncing around it.  Up close it feels as if a tornado has hit and your only chance at not being sucked in is to grab on to the body in front of you and hope that they are holding on to the fence.  

Regardless of your position to these mosh pit societies there are some very important rules that should be followed.  These rules are not just so you can survive the mosh pit but you can apply them to your everyday life to.  

Mosh Pit Etiquette
10. If you have more hair on your back or chest than you have on your testicles shave or better yet wax the day of the show.
9. Keep all loose articles tied up.  This includes hair, baggy clothes, hats and chains attaching your wallet to your pants.  It's just like a ride at Six Flags out there anything lost will not be found.
8. Get to know your neighbors- before long you'll be depending on them to save your body
7. Don't bring a date you need to protect- it will be hard enough to save yourself without you throwing elbows at the crowd to keep your princess safe.
6. If someone falls pick them up- it may look violent out there but everyone is a part of the group and we look after our own.
5. Wear the right shoes- steel toes with good traction is the best- that being said if it feels like you are standing on a moving floor it's probably someone toes- GET OFF THEM
4. Don't forget to look up- crowd surfers come out of nowhere, check above you and warn your neighbors.
3. Don't forget deodorant- right before you get there throw on a few more swipes and just for good measure splash some Axe on.  
2. Laugh it off- mosh pits are extreme sports you will get hurt but getting angry about it is a waste of a good time.
1. Get your butt out there- There is nothing like the camaraderie that exists in a pit of strangers expressing the music in an archaic dance.